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We provide an ethical and sustainable approach to the insurance industry for salvageable items of value after a claims-led event.

We will always aim to recover part of the financial loss against the claim settlement and where this isn't a possibility we look to find the most environmentally friendly way of disposal.

Each piece os individually, validated, assessed and given a revenue recorery plan in order to maximise the potential salvage oppurtunity for our client. This will be provided in a salvage and recovery report, which will recommend the best router for financial recovery.

Wherever possible we aim to recuperate some of the funds lost against the claim. Where this is not possible, we look at the most environmentally friendly way of disposal.

Established in 2003 as a first response service provider to the disaster restoration and insurance industry.
All of the services within the SCI Environmental Group work in a highly integrated and specialist way to serve the specific needs of our clients and policyholders. Ensuring we remain the UKs leading specialist service provider to the insurance sector.

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